W O R L D   D E V E L O P M E N T   S Y S T E M S


It has been brought to our attention that the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK (ASA) are currently targeting homeopathy and seem to be claiming that Homeopathy does not work. They go on to say that from their perspective there is currently not enough robust evidence to support the claims made by Homeopaths.

We quote the following directly from the ASA web site: “We’ve told marketers of homeopathic treatments and services about whom we’ve received a complaint to remove marketing claims that refer to, or imply, the efficacy of homeopathy for treating or helping specific health conditions. This is because the ASA considers there is insufficient robust scientific evidence to support these claims.”

Our understanding is that the above directive also extends to all forms of complementary medicine including Bio-field balancing and Bio-Resonance where advertising claims that refer to (or imply) the treating of any specific health conditions without robust scientific evidence.

Traditional medical science currently says that if a change cannot be traced back to a material intervention then this should be called a “Placebo effect” or instances of psychosomatic/belief/faith healing. Because of this lack of understanding we are currently obliged to acknowledge the following:

That we cannot intend or expect any changes on the physical health level by the methods we are using with the e-Lybra system or any of the products we manufacture. If a positive or negative change on the physical health level takes place then we agree that this can only be a psychosomatic/belief/faith healing event without any causal connection to the actual use of our e-Lybra system or any of our other products. Neither World Development Systems Ltd nor any of its therapists or practitioners can or do claim to be the causative factor for positive effects on the physical health level of the client.

Note: When we use the words treat, diagnose, disease, remedy or patient on our web site or in our literature, we only refer to treating and diagnosing energetic imbalances within the Bio-Field and make no claim to effect a change on the material or physical body. We would also like to highlight that when using our e-Lybra software the practitioner, and in some cases the client, may see a reference or indication to organs or part of the body system. Such references do not state the existence of any disease in the referenced organ or body part, but is given as an indicator to the trained practitioner.

A Comment About Bio-Resonance, Energy Medicine, and Trading Standards

Like many energy medicine companies (and individual practitioners) we have in the past received some degree of attention from our local Trading Standards officers, so far (for us) in response to one single complaint from an anonymous member of the UK public. Although the officers concerned do not have any experience with energy medicine it is their honest duty to determine whether we are making any false claims. We can fully respect that and do not seek to work outide of the law. However, from our personal experience to date the only means by which they are able to get any kind of grasp on our technology is if we equate it to homoeopathy, which is currently available on the NHS (in a very limited fashion) but is decried as a worthless and unfounded means of treatment by the UK General Medical Council. We note that other countries, such as Switzerland, have formally approved it as a valid means of treatment.

The upshot of the interest from a formal regulatory body is that we have to be extra careful how we describe things, and basically not be too specific about anything. You will find that the wording that we use here is along generic lines of "this product is designed to..." rather than "this product will...". Some people who enjoy trolling companies like us pick up on the vagueness of "is designed to" and use it as a means to demonstrate that we are evasive. It is a continual minefield for us. We are not allowed to include verified customer testimonials for a product on the same website that we sell it on, but we can publish as many testimonials as we want on social media!! All of our products have to be discussed without any kind of claim of efficacy, and we have to honestly emphasise that there is no guarantee of a cure of any medical condition.

However, in all honesty we do recognise that it is not an easy path for Trading Standards to walk - energy medicine does not follow the kinds of physics that are taught in schools, and British medical practitioners are not taught any of these concepts (even though they are widely endorsed by many medical University professors in Russia, for example). Certainly there are scam-artists in this field and the public needs protecting from that.

So here is the bottom line. Please be sure you understand what you are doing when you buy these products. The UK General Medical Council do not recognise the science that is used here - you should be very mindful of that. Many people with a medical background are vocally opposed to this kind of science, and there are pressure groups who work very hard to get out a negative message about the entire energy medicine field of treatment. If you have any medical issues that are undiagnosed then you are strongly urged to discuss the matter with your GP. We offer a standard money back refund policy on all products where feasible to do so, as long as the item is returned in a clearly cared-for condition.

Please only proceed to purchase products on this website if you understand that the principles behind them are not generally recognised by the "conventional" British medical community to be based on mainstream science. Please feel free to search for testimonials and opinion pieces on social media to help you make your own mind up.